MPS X AUSTIN NOLAN Collaboration 001

Maŕa Peralta Studio (MPS) is a Brooklyn-based artist specializing in hardware and accessory design. MPS challenges the wearer of the label to be as resistant as their accessories, to break societal norms. The objective is not in creating a confidence, but in accentuating the confidence the MPS client already possesses. Every MPS piece is sourced ethically, reconstructed with care, designed by hand in Brooklyn, and to be promisingly sustainable. The line is unisex, for all, with every identity kept in mind. 

Austin Nolan creates undergarments catered to the queer community and other folx marginalized by the underwear industry. Together, Maŕa and Austin have been working behind the scenes for months in crafting two subversive pieces challenging construction and materiality of luxury goods. 

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